On this episode of the JBL Podcast, the crew talks about Black Panther vs Meteor Man, the importance of teaching kids to be excited for what is going on now, but to also appreciate the things in the past that helped you get here. We also learn what pescetarian, the struggles of diets living, the grammys, and much more    

“There is not one experience,no matter how devastating, no matter how torturous it may appear to have been, there is nothing that is ever wasted. Everything that is happening to you is being drawn into your life as a means to help you evolve.”- Oprah

What are feelings or emotions really? Why do we feel the way we do with the things that come up in our lives? How do we come to feelings so quickly at time without thinking about the issue? How can our feelings truly overtake us when we are suppose to always be in control? At times why is it so hard to express these feelings even to the people we truly love and call soulmates? his is what the crew dives into on this episode of the JBL podcast.


Welcome back to the JBL podcast! On this episode of the podcast the crew dices into the Aziz Sedx scandal, Cardi B inking a new movie deal, wearing suits to work, and much more! 


“The number one principle that rules my life is intention. Thought by thought, choice by choice, we are creating our lives based on the energy of our intention.” - Oprah


What are our true intentions? What are our true intentions we give a friend advice on their relationship? What are our intentions when we decide to look out for ourselves? What are our intention in life? THese are questions that are hardly thought about but still hold a very good amount of weight in how our lives turn out and how we affect others. This is what the crew dives into on this episode of the JBL podcast.


The Purpose of Fear

On this episode of the podcast the team Talks about Trump and his antics again, The support of Black Panther, and the craziness of life. The team also talks about new consent app, the big baller brand not making moves boss moves, and much more!

Today’s episodes main quote is: “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”—Mark Twain.

What is fear really? Is it a protective sensor that are body has to keep us safe, why do we feel fear in our relationships with people, and when we watch horror movies. Fear of what the future holds has swept through every human being at one point in time and how many people have actually sat back and thought about what the fear is, where it comes from, and what is it truely trying to tell you. On this episode of the JBL podcast we dive into what is behind fear and what can be learned in the moment of fear.  


The Goodness of Flaws

Welcome Back People! to the the JBL podcast. Its a new year, but same old team, just different themes. On this first podcast of the new year the team dives into some unfinished business from last year. We catch yall up on our christmas and New years celebration. We also dive into what we are looking forward to in the new year and what needs to go from last year. Tune in to the crews adventures annd to see what we have planned this year.


Flaws- why don’t we look more into our flaws, to get a better understanding of who we are. We constantly hear the good thing about ourselves through peers, friends, family, but you rarely hear about your flaws, and when you do hear them, do you really reflect on how those flaws affect you and others around you. 


“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” 

Augusten Burroughs


What is Free Will? Pt.2

On this episode the crew tackles alternative topics like why songss take time to catch on, disrespect in letters to parents, how controversy is good for business (sometimes), and what Ball Family going to do next. We also dive into the different snacks people like, Wendy Williams clapping at Ashanti, and much more!


The main quote of this podcast: “You are free to choose what you want to make of your life, It’s called free agency or free will. and it is your birth right.” This quote helps to question what exactly our birthright is, and how  much of it do we really have. Join in as the team dives into these question and more.



What Is Free Will? Pt.1

On this episode the team goes over how to buy gift for your love ones (since its the holidays and we know y’all are going to need some help). The team also goes over the soul train awards, Michael Flynn snitching, sending chain letters in 2017, how to give cards in 2018, and more!

The main quote of this podcast: “You are free to choose what you want to make of your life, It’s called free agency or free will. and it is your birth right.” This quote helps to question what exactly our birthright is, and how  much of it do we really have. Join in as the team dives into these question and more.


The Value of Grace

On this episode of the JBL podcast the crew discusses sports. The crew Is joined by a special guest, Jamal Carnahan representing the Dream Driven Clothing. The crew discusses Ray Allen getting catfished, Blake Griffin hitting the clubs after losing, and what the clippers could do next. The crew also hits some barber shop talk and try to give young barbers some advice.

The Main quote of today’s podcast is: “Grace is transformative. The more grateful you are, the more grace mirrors the gratitude that you have.” --Oprah. This quote focuses on grace and gratitude, and from that the team questions the true value of gratitude. How much is this human currency really worth, does it mean more than just manners, and how much can this affect someone's life. The team dives in, to get some answers to these questions.

Special thanks to our guest Jamal Carnahan for joining the crew on this episode of the podcast. Jamal is representing the Dream Driven Clothing, which is an amazing clothing line! The Dream Driven Clothing is a company run by two long time friends, with the dream of help out their community through getting out their creative ideas. The Dream Driven Clothing does a lot of community service work in the Lansing, Michigan and Nashville, Tennessee area, as well as promote of other community creative outlets for kids. Please check out the Dream Driven Website: http://www.shopdreamdriven.com/ and also follow them on instagram at dreamdriven.


On this episode of the JBL Podcast the team talks about Tyrese and his break downs, and the fact no one has talked to his new wife. They discuss the difference of not being wasteful or being cheap, why New Yorkers can’t use their phones in thee subway, and their most shadiest moments in life, plus more.


The main topic of this episode is: “The lessons to learn from pain”. The team dives into this topic trying to discover why we feel physical and emotional pain. Why is it there and what lessons or ideas can be taken from it? Why don’t people question it more and why don’t people want to explore this thing that affects all of us?


Something to think about:

After the podcast we found something interesting about our topic that we wanted to share with the people. We think Mark Manson said it best in his recent book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”. The quote reads, “Many people are taught to repress their emotions for various personal, social, or cultural reasons- particularly negative emotions. Saldy, to deny one’s negative emotions is to deny many of the feedbacks mechanisms that help a person solve problems. As a result, many of these repressed individuals struggle to deal with problems throughout their lives. And if they can’t solve problems, then they can’t be happy. Remember, pain serves a purpose.” Thanks Mark I don't think we could have said it better ourselves. Tune in next week for another one episode!


On today’s episode the team tackles the big big bi topic of eating ass! We don't just talk about eating ass but also talk about the subtle way women approach men, why most women don't do it, and how men feel when they get shutdown. The Crew also talks about sexting on the train in NYC, how its bad getting caught sexting and more!

The quote of this episode is: “It is a mans mind not his enemies or foes, that lures him to evil ways”-Budha. This quote dives into how no body’s mind is not perfect and it can lead you astray, it can fool you, and leave you asking that eternal question “why did I do that?” this best way to this is to keep your mind sharp, and we dive into it on this episode.


Protect Your Energy

On today’s Episode we talk about Nelly Scandal, New music from Belly, and meeting celebrities in different settings. We also talk about Sexual assault, teams we are checking for in the NBA this season,  and much much more!


This episodes main quote is “Protect your energy”. this topic deals with learning when to let go of things and sometimes people in your life. One of the hardest things to do is to let go of someone you believe in so much, but unfortunately some people just dont want to live up to your expectations of them. At that point its time to protect your energy and learn when to let go! Joint in on this episode and learn more about how to protect your energy.


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