On this epsidoe the team talks about the aftermath of kneelin in the NFL, Ray Lewis praying, and Lebron & Wade back together again. We also touch on Lebron’s biggest stance against Trump and if their could be more to come. We also dive into the Wendy Williams scandal plus many more!

This epsiodes main quote is “Never Justify your behavior with wrongs of others.”- Kanye West. This quote focuses on you and your actions. You can’t concern yourself with the things others have or are doing. You have to focus on you and your going to  achieve your goals with the tools at your disposal.


On this epsiode we talk about Trumps comments to the NFL and NBA players and what the should do to clapback. We also talk about Jordan Peele’s New project idea, new Chic-Fill-A that coming, and how Rick Ross is a fast food genius,  hip hop police, and more fun topics. 

Today’s podcast main quote is: “Everybody is at war with something! I’m at war with my heart.” Everybody has something that they go through that may affect them in their daily lives. How do you reconcile with that so you can become better? We tackle this topic and this question on this epsiode. 



Whatever You Touch

On this episode of the podcast the team tlaks about the baklash Jemelle Hill got on twitter, Melo’s ranking from espn, Black love speacials. The team also have some relationship questions to address, Wade And Lebron Link up, and more on this epsiode.

This episdoees main quote: “Whatever you touch you will succeed and prosper in” -Joel Olsteen. This quote is talks about how we have the power to make things happen. We all can make the changes in our life, but in order to that you have to want it and work to achieve that goal.


Chains of Habits

On this episode the team discuss the thing that everyone hates to go to, I’m talking about Jury Duty! We answer some relationship question. We also tackle topics with Micheal Bennett, Supporting causes, Beyonce and Rihanna’s new thickness, and many more. 


This shows main quote is: “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”-Warren Buffett. This topic tackles habits and how the small things like drinking soda can turn into something that you can’t quit like a drug. How do you change that ? The team tries to tackle this and give some helpful advice on this subject.



Today’s episode the crew is back from a little break and is ready to tackle topics we missed. The crew talks about their thoughts on the Floyd and McGregor fight, what McGregor should do next, Ice Cube’s Big 3 being sued, and the Ball family’s reality show. The crew also talks about Joel Olsteen fall from grace, Beyonce meeting Cardi B, and thoughts on power, insecure, and survivors remorse. 

Today’s main quote of this podcast episode is: “The decisions you make today are your stepping stones for tomorrow”  This quote speaks on making decisions and how those decisions will not only affect you today but might also effect you in the future. 


On today’s episode the team talks about the return of the slut walk, Cardi and Nicki beef, how Kim Jung don’t want it with uptown NY, and natural body VS fake body. The team also talks about Charleston Protest, Steve Bannon leaving the White House, and of course or usual power and insecure talk. 

Today’s main quote of this podcast episode is: “Too Blessed to be stressed. Bitch! I’m blessed and stressed!”-Listener.  This topics focuses on even though you know you are blessed and have some many things to be happy, but for some reason you are still feeling over stressed. How do you deal with that stress, or is it even possible to live truly stress free.  

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On todays episode Lou tells the new wave of Nigerian Prince scamming and the popularity of surgery and scamming to advance in life. The team dives into the update of Blacc Chyna and Rob K., R. Kelly and his cult, and what O.J. needs to do when he get out. The team also discusses  power and insecure (of course) and their predictions for the future shows.  

This episodes main quote is: “You can’t fly with eagles when your down walking with chickens” - Kanye West. This quote was tackling the topic of the people you keep in your crew and determining if you all are trying to fly like eagles or are you the only one trying to fly. We go into a deep discussion about this topic and we were joined by a Tracey T.  Tracey T. is a young creative and organizer that has helped put together many event to help progress the culture of blacks people in America.

Today's episode is brought to you by Stationhead App! Stationhead puts a mobile radio station at the palm of your hand. You can play the music you like, share it with a wide network of friends and you can even bring your friends on your station to share in the fun.  The Stationhead App is great app and is available on both android and IOS platforms.


You Deserve a Bonus!

On today’s episode the team links up to give y’all a bonus episode! The crew links to talk about rappers from college, favorite music shows from back in the day (early 00’s), JB’s former rapping/basedgod/souljaboy phase. The crew also touches on the rising popularity of choking during sexual activities, Angela Yee from the breakfast club and her love life (please don’t hurt us Angela), how instagram has ruined the ideal black actresses, and more!

Bonnie’s talk: The importance of vacation and why its a great thing and how it helps. Bonnie also spoke about what she did on her last vacation that helped her to relax. 

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On todays episode the team talked about sounds of masturbation, indented beds, the Floyd and Conar fight and their prediction on who they think will win. The team talks about Louie’s experience in Aqua Aerobics (shoutout to the senior citizens!) and how people need to stop dissing planet fitness.They also talked about the espy awards and how KD continues to show that he is a real one, that don’t play that.


This episode quote is: Today’s main quote of this podcast episode is: “There will always be haters, that’s the way it is! Hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids!” - Kanye West


Feel free to rate us on itunes or you can also send us feedback to our email at jblpod@gmail.com. Please tell us things you want to hear us talk about or anything thats on your mind. We will respond back or maybe put it on the podcast!


Welcome to the JBL Podcast where we talk about everything important in sports, music, movies, pop culture, business, and everything elasse this world has to offer. Hosted by JB a young business tycoon, BC pop cultures analyst and young fast growing business women, and Lou the funny, hyped up, emotional memeber of the crew that helps bring it all together. 

Today’s Episode: “You have to Risk it to get the Biscuit”

Where we discuss the topic of taking risk. Getting out of small town mentality, touch on the the drive we have, trying to make a name for yourself. We discussed these topics with our special guest Oyeeezy.  

We also discussed the Jay-z’s 4:44 Album, as well as the black chyna and rob instagram issue that went down.

BC comes in with the women topic of the day, wich is “Hoes”. Where she brings various tips for us guys, cause lord knows we need it. As well as tips for the Lady’s to help them in the everyday struggle of womenhood. 

And of course we have to talke about power!

Join us for the first episode and We promise you will want to hear more. Every week we will have new topics and Try to bring you new guest with different perspectives and insights. 


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