Welcome to the JBL Podcast where we talk about everything important in sports, music, movies, pop culture, business, and everything elasse this world has to offer. Hosted by JB a young business tycoon, BC pop cultures analyst and young fast growing business women, and Lou the funny, hyped up, emotional memeber of the crew that helps bring it all together. 

Today’s Episode: “You have to Risk it to get the Biscuit”

Where we discuss the topic of taking risk. Getting out of small town mentality, touch on the the drive we have, trying to make a name for yourself. We discussed these topics with our special guest Oyeeezy.  

We also discussed the Jay-z’s 4:44 Album, as well as the black chyna and rob instagram issue that went down.

BC comes in with the women topic of the day, wich is “Hoes”. Where she brings various tips for us guys, cause lord knows we need it. As well as tips for the Lady’s to help them in the everyday struggle of womenhood. 

And of course we have to talke about power!

Join us for the first episode and We promise you will want to hear more. Every week we will have new topics and Try to bring you new guest with different perspectives and insights. 

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