You Deserve a Bonus!

On today’s episode the team links up to give y’all a bonus episode! The crew links to talk about rappers from college, favorite music shows from back in the day (early 00’s), JB’s former rapping/basedgod/souljaboy phase. The crew also touches on the rising popularity of choking during sexual activities, Angela Yee from the breakfast club and her love life (please don’t hurt us Angela), how instagram has ruined the ideal black actresses, and more!

Bonnie’s talk: The importance of vacation and why its a great thing and how it helps. Bonnie also spoke about what she did on her last vacation that helped her to relax. 

Today’s episode is brought you by “Stationhead” the app. It is an interconnecting app, that allows users to run their own radio station from the palm of their hands. The best thing about it is that you play the songs you want to hear, because its your station! You can bring friends on to your station so they can share in the talk and you can talk freely because you station will not get in trouble with the fcc. Download the “Stationhead” app today on android and IOS platforms. 


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